Self by Choice

You and your body

The neuroscience of body image, self-worth and identity

We all want to feel good about ourselves in a world obsessed with appearance, we give it value, our bodies become objectified, and it can affect our well-being.

Even though we are aware that the so-called “beauty standards” are subjective, variable, relative, and unrealistic, we feel and act differently. We know it in our heads, but still struggle to change our biased internal views. Therefore, our body image perception is not based on what we look like, but on how we think we look and how we feel about it.

So why we feel the way we do about ourselves when we know it might not be the “reality”?

A malfunctioning self defence mechanism that affects our mind-body-emotions​ connection.

What happens in our brains that makes these miss-matched visions possible? Parts of the brain talking or not talking to one another, the so-called ‘happy hormones’ triggered with conflicting messages of pleasure and reward, perseverance, euphoria, belonging, feeling accepted, respected, liked, confident, …; decisions to be made and act upon, ….



Visual artist, Creative Director  & Project ManagerRosa Pascual


NeuroscientistDr. Roland Zahn
PhD Neuroscience studentDiede Fennema
PhD Neuroscience studentSuqian Duan


Eating Disorders ScientistDr. Hubertus Himmerich
Child PsychotherapistMiranda Pattinson
PsychotherapistLiam Hallett


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