Activities & events

Workshop pilot

Experiential workshop pilot to be further developed into different series depending on age and educational objectives (STEAM / PSHE programmes) across schools in Camden.

La Sainte School, 31st March 2022, London.

Sound installation

Self by Choice is an immersive, interactive and participatory sound installation exploring the neuroscience of body image, self-worth and identity. Understanding body image based on how we feel about the way we think we look, an embodied perception of our physicality; a journey through an spatial representation of our processing and formation of negative body image and the coexistence of biased views, that even though we are aware they are biased, we experience them as reality; a journey where the audience will be finding out for themselves as they progress through the installation in an experiential way.

Neuroscience may help us to understand the internal thought processes that affect our own body image as well as make us more aware of our capability to choose how we feel about ourselves. The aim of the project is to provoke curiosity and challenge the audiences’ own perception of their physicality and ultimately, how they feel within themselves.

Bloomsbury Festival, 15-24th October 2021, London.

Proposition test

Content delivery and interactivity test.

F104, Central Saint Martin’s – ual, 2nd July 2021, London.

Translational Cognitive Neuroscience of Affective Disorders Lab

Online debate with PhD Neuroscience students.

Conducted by Dr. Roland Zahn with guest Dr. Hubertus Himmerich.

King’s College, 18th June 2020.